Precision CNC Milling, Turning, Prototpes, & Production provides companies throughout Canada, the USA and Europe with the highest quality manufacturing and custom precision machining services.

We provide both prototype and product development, in large and small volumes as well as standard and custom production runs. We also provide welding, fabricating, Oakville auto glass final coating and polishing to your specifications.

Our CNC Machining expertise combined with state of the art equipment and cutting edge software mean your parts are completed quickly and accurately. We have adopted the experience of the leading compression spring manufacturers to improve our process and increase the quality of our finished details. We have implemented the latest technologies into our production to accelerate the process and reduce the number of defective iteams. You can find out more about our process and products on the pages of our website.

We use the latest technologies to prolong the service life of all metal parts that are produced in our factory. We apply a layer of zinc or an alloy on the surface of metal parts to protect them from corrosion effectively. We cooperate with the most trusted zinc oxide producers to ensure our products are reliably protected against corrosion and other negative impacts. We take pride of our products and do our best to improve their quality and provide our customers with reliable details.

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The Facilities To Handle Your Job

Our 3,500 sq. ft facility features an extensive array of Pour foam machine for milling and turning all types of material, including aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, copper based alloys, refractory alloys, and brass.

The machines designed by are equipped with DPF filters from that help to eliminate harmful diesel exhaust gas pollutants and smoke.

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Used Forklift Atlanta in their work is producing the appliances and machines of high quality and provides them to American and European companies, such as used forklift Atlanta dealers, Allliftfloorcleaning and to many other companies. These forklifts are very useful while the process of manufacture, because you do not need to carry heavy loads and can easily automatize this hard process. Used forklifts are often rented by many popular moving companies and self storage companies too, so as by many stores like supermarkets. is able to develop the machines according to your needs and preferences, of various designs and load capacities.

Our company uses stretch wrap film and other packaging products to protect our goods when they are delivered to the customers.

Quality You Can Trust

Our commitment to high quality precision machining begins when your purchase order is received and is completed only when your cnc machining parts or forklift attachments are delivered, inspected and found to be in compliance.

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