Scotsman Undercounter Ice Machines: Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better

In many cases, size can be overly valued. In the United States, we are groomed to believe that “bigger” and “more” are better in every instance. When something or someone is smaller in stature, they are often looked down upon or seen as inferior. Scotsman’s undercounter ice machines are here to debunk any preconceptions you may have that a smaller ice machine cannot produce ice with the best of them. Scotsman offers three different cube producing undercounter ice machines – the CU1526, CU2026, and the CU3030. These units can fit in the tightest of areas, and still produce as much ice as some smaller cuber heads.

For over 60 years, Scotsman has been developing and improving their ice machines. Their undercounter ice machines were designed to maximize ice production without taking up a great deal of space. The CU1526, CU2026, and CU303 all stand just 33 inches tall, while the CU1526 and CU2026 measures 26 inches wide. The CU3030 is a bit wider, at 30 inches. None of these ice machines are more than three feet wide or tall. From least to greatest production, these ice machines can produce 150, 200, and 250 pounds of ice per day – no small feat for a compact machine.

Like most Scotsman ice machines, all of these undercounters (air cooled models) are Energy Star qualified and exceed California and Federal energy regulations. They also use less energy and water during the ice making process, helping to keep the cost of operation and ownership down. They have less of an impact on the environment due to their conservative nature. While water cooled ice machines may produce ice slightly more consistently, air cooled ice machines cost much less to operate. Water cooled machines can use and waste hundreds of gallons of water every day.

With Scotsman’s AutoAlert System, a lot of the headaches that come with owning an ice machine are alleviated as well. The AutoAlert System keeps users “in the know” about how their ice machine is operating by providing audible and visual alerts if the ice machine ever faces any problems. This is what Scotsman defines as “preventative maintenance”, in which issues are resolved before they become major, and require costly repairs. The AutoAlert System also relays alerts and reminders regarding sanitization or cleanings when they are required, which helps with ice machine maintenance, and can greatly prolong the life expectancy of your machine.

The CU1526, CU2026, and CU3030 are available to produce either medium or small cubes. This ice is perfect for soft drinks, mixed drinks, iced coffees – essentially any beverage. If you run a small bar, or like to entertain in your own home, one of these ice machines will suffice very well. Other areas that welcome these high output undercounter ice machines are cafes and bars or lounges in hotels. When space is at a premium and you still require ice, consider one of Scotsman’s many undercounter ice machines for your home or business.