Why we have insured our manufacturing facilities

Minor damages such as broken windows can be easily compensated by a company even with a small budget. The main purpose of insurance is reimbursement of significant losses occurring as a result of catastrophic situations. Sometimes insurance payments are the only way to preserve the viability of the enterprise. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises. That is why our manufacturing facilities are insured from all possible risk. We can not afford to lose our precise machinery and advanced software due to any contingency and not fulfill the obligations taken. Find more details about our manufacturing facilities with climate-controlled environment and a picture gallery of state of the art machinery and equipment.

Our manufacturing facility is insured from risk of fire, natural disasters, theft and other illegal acts, explosions, accidents, water supply systems failures. The main objects of insurance are stocks of goods, raw materials and components, machinery and equipment, vehicles, industrial and office premises and buildings.

We strongly believe that manufacturing insurance it is one of the most important measures to preserve financial resources. Why do we think so?

Nowadays, it is quite easy to start up your own business, but it is much more difficult to keep it afloat, outperform the competitors and not go broke. After all, any technical problems during the manufacturing process, a single mistake in preparation of documents, the machinations of rivals, natural disasters, industrial accidents and other adverse situations can cause financial and material losses. And in order to minimize these losses, it is necessary to take measures in advance - to insure your business. Some aspiring entrepreneurs believe that insurance is a waste of money. However, in fact it is not so. After all, it is just impossible to foresee all the factors that could cause downtime of the company. Although, every entrepreneur should know that insurance contract reimburses only serious losses. In this case, the standard contract provides a special condition, the so-called franchise - the amount of damages that should be covered from the funds of the enterprise.

Marcus Murphy with the help of information provided by www.guthrieinsurance.com about manufacturing insurance and its specific features.

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