Laser technology for metal processing

We use laser technology for performing a variety of tasks to meet our customers needs: cutting, welding, heat treatment, marking, scribing and solving other technical problems. Main features of our laser technology are: no mechanical effects on the processed details, high concentration of energy, a small area of the damaged layer, the ability to control the process in full and process hard-to-reach places of the detail.

Laser cutting is currently one of the most advanced technologies in the field of sheet metal processing, it offers unlimited opportunities for manufacturing of details of complex shapes and exclusive designs. Laser cutting of sheet metal means high production rate, perfect quality and acceptable price on complex parts and details manufacturing. Laser cutting does not damage a metal part mechanically, so the details do not require subsequent machining.

Laser cutting is effective for small-scale production. It allows you to save on manufacturing of the die, provides an opportunity to make adjustments in any detail at any time. Furthermore, due to rationally positioned parts on the sheet, it is possible to significantly save material and thereby lower the cost of the final product.

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